My experience Omegle

By | December 8, 2015

My experience Omegle

Full exploration of blog abstract / concrete, I discovered that a journalist is the origin of all these items brilliant too as each other. It was the school for the same time, it’s better if he writes well … So naturally, a professional journalist, it does not earn a living by making a blog, so he is called here and the car his forte is writing about everything and nothing. Nothing that is to say Omegle.

Omegle, if we do not know the rule, you can also say “You are now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!” , Site manufactures brand: one enters, one click, one cat ac a complete stranger. No name, no photo, no info, it red, you blue, and it left my kiki!
Inevitably, after reading this, I wanted to try:

<< The main advantage of this chat system holds course to the fact that one can impersonate any quidam without any consequences. Before coming to these condensed crispy words, dialogues begin, however, according to the same ritual. We open a chat window in their browser and a robot offers us an immutable “Connecting to server … You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! “. At that moment, it has about 118% chance of getting either a German or a Brazilian who seek mates, or on one of those nerds Americans in need of sex who have unfortunately so lucky to find a girl here in a backroom of the Marais. >>

Ben this for an experience, it’s been a positive experience …
Already, much to be honest: as a result of reading the article by Loïc H. Rechi, I had a good laugh, but I was especially packed with prejudice. Everyone lies on Omegle, there’s that obsessed on Omegle, everyone is crazy about Omegle …
So naturally, I fired my advantage = P No, no, I have not played the sulphurous blondes, but being 90% sure of hitting a man dépréssivement frustrated on the first try, I pulled right off the great game, or rather the big lie.
See rather:

* contacting a foreign ac *
Him: Hey male or female?
Me: Male sorry, i guess it’s not your day;)
* My conversation partner disconnects *

-> For non-English speaking, jme’m happy, I translate: p
* contacting a foreign ac *
Him: Hey man or woman?
Me: Man sorry, I think it’s not your day)
* My conversation partner disconnects *
Hmm … That was the quick …
He knew exactly what he wanted, that we can say.

In short, in the end, what it brought me? Not much, I just have a good laugh. Yes, two sentences but I had a good laugh xD
Then I retried. A Swedish 20 years was very friendly, an Australian 16 years was very talkative, and an American 30 years was single if you ask me. No panic: I am very very fast part xD Oh yeah, you know what? They all told me the same thing, absolutely all: the French are sexy. Yeah man! : D
The safety comes quit anyway: you leave the page, it is disconnected and there is a probability so small fall on the same person by reconnecting that one crosses jms twice =) And worse, be still recognize it!

In any case it’s still a good place if you get bored. Just be a little crazy to have fun, and this is an opportunity to rebuild his life … After all, if there we really want to have 23 years of being brown, cannon, live in a cozy apartment being a full-time journalist, what is the problem? 😉

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