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By | June 29, 2015

How to use OoVoo? want to know how to use OoVoo, and then the answers are here. Read the article to know more about this wonderful chat messenger

The quality of OoVoo video chat is considered as top of the list, only requiring an internet connection to use and only a few other pieces of equipments. The first piece of equipment needed will be (of course) a computer and the second item is a webcam. OoVoo can be handled without a webcam as well; however, but your contacts in the chat may not be able to see your video without it. Proper lighting is recommended when using OoVoo to refrain from having dim, grainy or washed out images. OoVoo provides a help page where you can find FAQs, a support center, and a comprehensive guide to basic features. OoVoo is top quality video-chat messenger software that can provide you with the opportunity to chat with friends and members of your family using a few simple steps. The downside of OoVoo is that for the best service you and your contact both need OoVoo. For more information on online video chat IM software, make sure to read some of our top ranked reviews. With OoVoo chat one can chat with up as many as 12 people simultaneously; among them you can see any 4 people in video chat and with rest you can chat easily.

To use the OoVoo chat first you have to open a free account with them and for the same you have to visit their site and enroll yourself in the site. After opening the account you can go to the settings and change the privacy options given there. Among the options you can choose either “Anyone”, “People who know my OoVoo ID or email address”, or “Nobody”.  Choose the middle option as shown, and there is very less chances that you can be disturbed by the random strangers through sms and chat requests.  With this option, a person only who knows e-mail addresses of yours – presumably an acquaintance or a friend – can only find you there and send you a chat or friend request.  You could also choose the option “Nobody” in that case; people who intend to talk with you have to put your OoVoo id directly.

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